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NUR Low Chairs with Side Table



We suggest storing your furniture indoors or covered areas during the winter or if not in use for prolonged period. 


  • Today's casual fabrics are low maintenance and weather resistant, however, a few precautions will help ensure that your cushions and slings provide you with many years of satisfaction.

  • Trees or bushes that can drip sap can stain cushions so be aware of this when placing your furniture. 

  • When not using your furniture, remove and store your cushions or invest in a good set of furniture covers. Store your cushions in a clean, dry place.

  • Some insect repellant, suntan lotion or oil can mark cushion fabric. Many products are totally harmless, others may cause the fabric to change color. We suggest you play it safe and use a towel to cover the wicker when using these products. 

  • Clean your cushions and slings periodically. While casual furniture fabrics are designed for outdoor use, but they do get dirty sometimes. And mold and mildew can grow on dirty fabric if in a damp location over time. 

  • The fills of quality outdoor cushions are designed to allow water to pass directly through them as quickly as possible. Less expensive cushion fills use foam centers that act like a sponge by retaining water which not only will take longer to dry, but more importantly, will cause the cushion fill to breakdown prematurely. Should your cushions get wet, tilt them up on their sides and let them dry naturally outside in the breeze.



  • Very little maintenance is required to maintain the beauty of your resin wicker. We recommend periodic cleaning to remove any dirt, dust or oils that may collect overtime to keep your wicker looking new.

  • If you are using your furniture outdoors, then wicker may be washed with mild detergent and water when it becomes soiled using a wet sponge, cloth or a soft plastic bristle brush. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before use. 

  • Do not use solvents, scouring agents, carbon tetrachloride, undiluted bleach, janitorial cleaners, or gasoline. 

  • If you are using your furniture indoors, a damp cloth with mild soap and water should be the only requirement for maintaining your wicker.


  • Powder Coated Aluminum is strong, non-rusting, low maintenance and very resistant to the weather.

  • To prevent debris and leaf stains or discolorations, use a mild detergent mixed with water and scrub the tabletop with a soft, clean cloth or sponge. Dry thoroughly after cleaning to prevent watermark. 

  • Clean with mild soapy water and brush when needed. 


  • Wash it with a soft brush or a sponge, using mild natural soapy water. Rinse well and allow drying completely in the open air. Do NOT use solvents or abrasives, or chemical cleaning products as it may be harmful to the sling fabric. 

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